It's all about Love

Hi, my name is CJ Chen, founder of BCM Studio. Color is my language, and I think you can see that my style of works.  

As a photographer myself, my goal of photography is all about providing my client a story, a story of Love. That's why I choose to focus on taking photos for weddings, engagements and families. 

I spend a lot of time on communications before the photo day.  If you are wedding or Engagement couples, I would love to chat with you or the wedding coordinators, for ideas, timelines, spots and etc,. If you are the family photo clients, I would love to  play with your kids a little bit on the spot, to let them get to know me first. 

I love Hawaii, it is my home, and it is one of the most amazing islands in the world. But I also love to take photos around the world. You can see my works in the galleries.

Since 2008, God has blessed me with this photography journey. I would love to share my passion and my talent to you.

Look forward to chat with you soon.

Love & Best

--- C.J

P.S: I rarely take self portrait. lol